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Business Dispute Legal Support

We understand how such disputes can devour time and resources and sour relationships and reputations, and our advice is always given with these factors in mind. Typical disputes that we regularly help to resolve include breach of contract, negligence and unpaid debts. We appreciate the impact on a business of having to pursue a dispute and we listen carefully to understand the nature of the problem, as every dispute has its own nuances.

The Law Firm Group – Business Law Expertise

Whatever your company’s size and trading experience, it can be frustrating to try and resolve disputes, both long-standing and business-critical.

The Law Firm Group supports commercial clients at every stage of resolving a business dispute, ensuring you have expert legal advice to understand the available options and which is most suitable to achieve the outcome you wish.

Many companies deal with conflicts from time to time, either between partners, shareholders and directors, or external organisations.

Our highly skilled team can assist with swift dispute resolution strategies or full litigation to avoid damage to your reputation, relationships and unnecessary cost.

Our Business Dispute Resolution Services

The Law Firm Group assists businesses of all types, including sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and substantial corporations.

We advise on an equally broad range of potential dispute matters, including:

    • Breach of directors or shareholder duties
    • Petitions of unfair prejudice
    • Insolvency disputes
    • Conflicts between directors
    • LLP and partnership disagreements
    • Breach of shareholder agreements
    • Director disqualifications
    • Minority shareholder protection
    • Conflicts of interest

This list is not exhaustive and represents just some of the many business disputes our accomplished legal teams consult on.

We create bespoke strategies to find an appropriate solution and see your case through to completion, whether that means agreeing on a mutually beneficial resolution or taking the case through to court proceedings.

Legal Guidance to Resolve Business Disputes

Often a business dispute will arise from a perceived or actual difference between the treatments of two parties. The Law Firm Group works on:

    • Claims of professional negligence
    • Injunctions
    • Contractual conflicts
    • Breach of warranty claims

Every claim is different and requires tailored legal guidance to explore the strengths of both arguments, identify the ideal resolutions, and steer you through to finding the right outcome.

The Law Firm Group solicitors provide legally sound and commercially sensitive advice to help you resolve a business dispute and, where appropriate, negotiate an exit from the business of yourself or another party.

Prompt Business Dispute Solutions

While we have mentioned some of the more common forms of a business dispute, there are other scenarios where legal advice can safeguard against a conflict, protecting your business from potential claims.

We aim to ensure any recommendations we make provide a favourable outcome and avoid any strain on your time and resources that are not essential.

Many structures are available to resolve business disputes, and the correct action will differ in every situation.

Therefore, to uphold your rights and ensure you achieve an outcome with which you are satisfied, The Law Firm Group provides independent advice to enable you to make clear decisions.

Please get in touch with our team at the earliest stage of a business dispute arising – time can make a big difference, and acting fast may mean a more beneficial solution without allowing the conflict to escalate into a more serious situation.

We work with companies across all industry sectors, with new start-ups and established corporations, ensuring that the directors, owners, partners and shareholders we represent have the best legal advice possible.

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