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Our Wills team have the experience and personal touch to make the process as painless as possible and leave you with the peace of mind that your legacy is protected. We can help you draft your Will and will ensure that provisions are put in place for the safekeeping of your finances, estates and assets. We will take the time to make sure we fully understand your specific circumstances and wishes, so we can help you plan your estate carefully.


Having a will can be taken for granted, but it’s easy to forget that a will must be proved in court to be declared valid. It can be easy to forget this while grieving for a family member, but ignoring the probate process can result in a Will being declared void. Our probate solicitors will handle all of the legal paperwork, obtain the official Grant of probate, distribute assets and make sure you have the confidence that your loved one’s final wishes are respected.


When you need family-related legal advice, delivered with sensitivity and discretion, we have the blend of expertise and understanding to help you through what can often be a difficult time. Ask us for help with separation agreements, divorces, division of assets and debts, property transfers, co-ownership agreements, child support, child arrangements, and spousal maintenance. Our experienced family lawyers are grounded in a tradition of putting clients first and finding creative solutions.


Amid the inevitable tension of conveyancing, an efficient and personable lawyer can be the difference between completing with confidence and satisfaction and the whole thing becoming a nightmare. Our service is geared towards the former. We recognise how much people undertake conveyancing rely on their solicitor to provide expertise and reassurance and make sure we deliver a service that meets this need.


If you’ve been subjected to harassment or discrimination at work, or you’ve been the victim of wrongful dismissal, our expert employment lawyers can advise you on the best route to a satisfactory resolution. You can rely on our lawyers to handle your case with skill, insight and discretion. We will make sure you remain the focal point of our strategy but work hard to keep the pressure off you, as this can be a stressful process for victims who are not given adequate support.


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) can be complex and require specialist legal advice. Our lawyers are experienced in advising clients on their options when it comes to assigning LPAs and ensuring that their wishes are properly applied. You have a number of options as to who you appoint and how your attorneys should act. We will explain all the choices available to you and make sure you are left with a decision that gives you peace of mind.


When a family member passes away, dealing with their assets can be a long, tiring and stressful experience. But it doesn’t have to be. We offer an experienced and supportive team ready to guide you through a difficult time and ensure your peace of mind. We will help you deal with every detail no matter how small or large, from ensuring that Inheritance and Income Tax are paid to making sure beloved family pets are re-homed. Our team will make sure your family’s interests are kept safe every step of the way


If you have a legal dispute that requires litigation, we have the expertise to build a robust case and represent you and your interests in court. Whether it’s a business dispute or one concerning you as an individual, litigation can be an effective tool in resolving the dispute and protecting your interests. We always recommend mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, but when litigation is the only solution, you can rely on our lawyers to provide you with practical advice.


If you have a dispute with a neighbour or some other disagreement involving your home, our expert lawyers can help you achieve a satisfactory resolution with a minimum of stress. Neighbour disputes can be deeply upsetting and stressful. Our lawyers understand the importance of a speedy resolution so you can feel relaxed in your own home. Our legal team will give you practical advice, based on their vast experience of such cases.


If you have remarried or entered into a civil partnership and have children from a previous relationship, we can set up a trust for you to ensure the financial security of your current spouse/civil partner after your death, whilst protecting your children’s eventual inheritance. Our lawyers are experienced in setting up trusts to protect your assets for the future. We listen carefully to your circumstances to understand your wishes making sure they are provided for in the best possible way.

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