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Buying a Business – Legal Support

Seeking legal advice before signing on a commercial loan agreement can deliver you a better deal and save cost. From simple loan contracts to complex financing agreements, the experienced lawyers at The Law Firm Group can walk you through the terms and conditions to point out the pitfalls and benefits and give you the clarity you need to make the best choice for your business. We can also advise you whether there is room for negotiation.

Professional Legal Support With Commercial Borrowing

Commercial finance is a broad market, with thousands of lenders and providers offering a complex array of terms, charges and repayment conditions.

The Law Firm Group works with businesses of all sizes to ensure you are fully aware of every legal implication associated with a commercial borrowing product, expediting the application process and protecting your interests at all times.

Our meticulous approach enables us to make independent recommendations for businesses choosing between commercial loan options, with diligent oversight when negotiating terms, reviewing loan documentation, or highlighting potential risks.

With an outstanding team of corporate solicitors, The Law Firm Group focuses on transparency, guiding companies through issues such as personal guarantees, asset security and exit penalties.

Our Commercial Loans Legal Advice Services

Any commercial loan carries risks and rewards, often associated with the need to balance capital injection requirements against the long-term liability.

The Law Firm Group has expertise in every area of commercial funding, including:

    • Business mortgages and secured loans
    • Bridging and mezzanine finance products
    • Property investment portfolios
    • Second charges on business assets
    • Development finance
    • Commercial security

Whether taking out borrowing to expand your business, develop a new site, purchase a trading premise or invest in future production capacity, legal advice is vital to ensure you make sound, informed choices and avoid any unnecessary expense.

The Benefits of Legal Advice When Applying for Commercial Loans

A considerable amount of information is available for businesses, but generic guidance is no substitute for bespoke advice tailored to protect your business’s interests.

In many cases, loan agreements for secured or unsecured commercial borrowing contain clauses that may not be immediately apparent but represent a critical business risk.

The Law Firm Group works closely with every client, navigating the sensitivities involved whether you need an expedited funding method or to clarify any exposures associated with a new borrowing product.

Our experience across the commercial, legal and taxation aspects of commercial loans, including inter-company loans, puts us in an excellent position to deliver prompt advice and steer you through the significance of providing business security.

Independent Commercial Loans Legal Support

Commercial loans come in many guises and could include:

    • Conventional bank loans
    • Inter-company borrowing and B2B lending
    • Employee and director loans
    • Secured loans and second charges
    • Mortgages, bridging finance or development funding

You must be comfortable with all the terms of your loan agreement. Elements such as the loan term, conditions, interest charges, repayment terms, indemnities or repossession clauses are vital to taking out competitive commercial lending.

We also strongly advise seeking professional legal support when considering commercial loans with third-party guarantees, equitable share charges or director’s personal guarantees, as these may carry additional unforeseen risks.

Personal guarantees are standard in commercial lending, particularly for smaller businesses without substantial security to offer.

However, you must understand all notable clauses and consider safeguarding options such as insurance products to avoid exposing your personal assets in the event of a repayment default.

Please get in touch with The Law Firm Group for clear, actionable advice around any structure of commercial loan to help you make considered judgments for the benefit of your company’s financial future.

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