Legal Dispute Resolution 

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

We are skilled and experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution and can help you negotiate a settlement that keeps emotional and financial damage to a minimum. Whether you have a dispute with a neighbour, a family member or a business, you can rely on us to treat the matter with sympathy and discretion and advise you on the best approach.

Professional Dispute Resolution Advice

Disputes and conflicting interests arise from many scenarios. The key to a successful outcome is to secure professional legal advice to explore the options available.

In many cases, Alternative Dispute Resolution is preferable to litigation or mediation, delivering expedited resolutions and maintaining parity and clear dialogue between the interested parties.

Whether related to employment matters, family disagreements, civil cases or another conflict, dispute resolution is a measured approach that considers your desired outcomes, putting in place a structured process to achieve a favourable result.

Where our client wishes to avoid the costs, time and stress of court proceedings, we endeavour to reach fair outcomes without the need for formal legal processes.

Our Dispute Resolution Services

The dispute resolutions team at The Law Firm Group has years of experience supporting clients in resolving any range of issues.

Multiple available techniques are designed to avoid formal court proceedings as a last resort only where other more direct strategies have not proven appropriate or successful.

Our teams work with individuals and business interests to remedy disputes around:

    • Professional or personal negligence
    • Defamation and slander
    • Property disputes including landlord, tenant and housing disputes
    • Wills, Trusts and Estates
    • Consumer disputes and financial mis-selling cases
    • Breach of contract including unfair dismissal or employment disputes
    • International disputes

We will review your case diligently and advise whether it may be preferable to avoid a court hearing to achieve a faster outcome, reduce the associated costs, and maintain positive relationships between the parties involved in the conflict.

Legal Guidance to Select a Dispute Resolution Strategy

With a wide range of legal strategies available, it is recommended that you seek independent advice before pursuing a dispute resolution approach.

The Law Firm Group team work closely to review every case and provide guidance around:

    • The strength of your claim and the most likely outcomes from a legal viewpoint.
    • Understanding the potential costs involved and any alternative funding options.
    • Gathering evidence and information to establish the grounds for the dispute.
    • Recommending resolutions available to avoid escalation into a court situation if you wish to prevent this outcome.

Where disputes do require litigation, our professional team will also represent your case in court.

The Law Firm Group will lodge your claim or intention to defend a claim and enforce judgements in your favour, as well as lodging any appropriate appeals.

Prompt Dispute Resolution With Bespoke Legal Advice

Our experience in bringing and defending civil dispute claims is unmatched, and we provide several flexible cost options to achieve favourable results within your anticipated budget.

With experts in all mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, The Law Firm Group is by your side throughout the process.

We take a robust approach to defending your rights and entitlements, ensuring you are fully informed about the competing options available to you until you decide on your preferred dispute resolution techniques.

Please get in touch with our team at any stage of a dispute for discreet, confidential guidance from the UK professionals and leading Alternative Dispute Resolution advisers.

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