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Solicitors for Employment Law

If you’ve been subjected to harassment or discrimination at work, or you’ve been the victim of wrongful dismissal, our expert employment lawyers can advise you on the best route to a satisfactory resolution. You can rely on our lawyers to handle your case with skill, insight and discretion. We will make sure you remain the focal point of our strategy but work hard to keep the pressure off you, as this can be a stressful process for victims who are not given adequate support.

Professional Employment Law Advice

Workplace issues can be highly complex and emotionally draining.

It’s common to feel left adrift if something has happened, where you feel that your rights or entitlements have not been upheld but don’t know the correct way to pursue the matter and seek reparations.

Independent legal advice is vital to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position and receive assistance with making informed decisions about the best way forward.

As employment law experts, The Law Firm Group is here to help, whether you’re thinking of making an employment tribunal claim, require legal input to understand your employee rights, or wish to examine the right way to achieve the outcome you desire.

Our Employment Law Services

We appreciate that when a dispute arises between an individual and their employer, time is often critical.

It can be challenging to pursue a matter sometime later, so where possible, it is advisable to seek legal guidance promptly.

The Law Firm Group provides wholly confidential advice in a broad range of situations, including:

    • Harassment and bullying claims
    • Redundancy cases
    • Disciplinary proceedings
    • Allegations of poor performance
    • Illness or discrimination
    • Settlement agreements
    • Constructive and unfair dismissal
    • Accusations of gross misconduct
    • Resignations and contractual disputes

The best step is to seek tailored guidance to help you understand the options available, the most likely outcomes, and where you can strengthen your claim to proceed with confidence that the law will preserve your rights.

Specialist Employment Law Support for Employees

Many employees feel that they have little chance of success when challenging an unfair situation at work. A legal support team can rebalance that power dynamic to ensure you tackle the problem head-on.

Often, disputes or contractual issues arise during crucial periods, such as when unwell, on parental leave, or during retirement or dismissal.

The skilled legal teams at The Law Firm Group are here to help you challenge improper workplace practices, offering the full scope of our expertise with tailored advice to make clear decisions.

We can guide you to reach an appropriate settlement agreement, lodge claims on your behalf, or take steps to represent your case through an employment tribunal if suitable and according to your expectations.

Dedicated Advice With Employment Law Disputes

While settlement agreements may be an attractive outcome, professional legal advice is essential. We ensure you know all of the risks and benefits involved and do not make any quick compromises that are not to your long-term advantage.

The Law Firm Group can also steer you through the alternative funding options to ensure you have the resources to see your claim through to fruition.

For more advice about any area of employment law support for employees, please get in touch at your convenience to arrange a good time to talk.

Whether you need direction to understand your legal rights regarding discrimination, dismissal or redundancy or wish to claim against a grievance suffered, our professional teams will ensure you make sound choices to achieve the resolution you’re hoping for.

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