Estate Administration Services

Estate Administration Legal Services

When a family member passes away, dealing with their assets can be a long, tiring and stressful experience. But it doesn’t have to be. We offer an experienced and supportive team ready to guide you through a difficult time and ensure your peace of mind. We will help you deal with every detail no matter how small or large, from ensuring that Inheritance and Income Tax are paid to making sure beloved family pets are re-homed. Our team will make sure your family’s interests are kept safe every step of the way.

Professional Estate Administration Legal Advice

Managing the distribution of a loved one’s estate can be highly challenging, with the complexities of Probate (obtaining a Grant of Representation) and then working through valuations, taxation and property sales.

This process can take months or even several years if complications arise.

The Law Firm Group delivers comprehensive guidance throughout every stage of estate administration to take away the pressure and ensure you have tailored advice to understand the most suitable courses of action.

Legal terms and technicalities can exacerbate an emotionally difficult time, adding stress when you need it least.

With a highly-skilled team of legal experts, we are on hand to ensure you make informed, beneficial choices when handling an estate and tax affairs, ensuring proceedings are expedited where possible.

Our Estate Administration Services

Every estate is unique, and often obtaining a Grant of Probate is just the first step in a long journey. The Law Firm Group provides guidance across:

    • Applying for the appropriate Probate approvals
    • Submitting accurate inheritance tax documents
    • Working on income tax declarations for the benefactor
    • Valuing and selling properties
    • Distributing beneficiary funds
    • Registering properties as necessary

We also assist with the practicalities of estate administration. That might include redirecting post, cancelling utilities or transferring other services into an alternative name.

There can be substantial issues to manage when handling a person’s legal and tax affairs, and where this becomes difficult, The Law Firm Group will step in to help with any matter, however big or small.

Legal Estate Administration Guidance

Estate administration is a multi-faceted area of responsibility. Initial work may include searches to ensure you are aware of every factor, including:

    • Shareholdings and business assets
    • Bank accounts and savings products
    • Offshore assets and investments
    • Property, including overseas properties
    • Personal possessions and family heirlooms

Many estates take a considerable amount of time to distribute, with the need to value higher value assets and ensure they are allocated according to the Will.

Appointing an accomplished legal team is an excellent way to alleviate the responsibility of acting as sole executor, ensuring that the estate is managed sensitively, promptly, and professionally.

Streamlined Estate Administration With Bespoke Legal Advice

As experts in estate administration, our sole aim is to help you handle the affairs of your loved one well and ensure you do not face unnecessarily high tax burdens as a result.

The Law Firm Group offers a complete estate administration service or can advise on specific matters or disputes as required, to help you reach a favourable conclusion.

We also provide dedicated Probate assistance. Still, where your estate administration tasks extend beyond this we will ensure you have firm control over the assets in question and make considered judgments in your role as executor.

Please get in touch with The Law Firm Group to discuss your estate administration circumstances.

Our friendly teams are here to guide you through – whether you require one-off advice to resolve a conflict between beneficiaries or would benefit from tailored support to fulfil all of your estate administration duties with confidence.

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