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Professional Probate Services

Having a will can be taken for granted, but it’s easy to forget that a will must be proved in court to be declared valid. It can be easy to forget this while grieving for a family member, but ignoring the probate process can result in a Will being declared void. Our probate solicitors will handle all of the legal paperwork, obtain the official Grant of probate, distribute assets and make sure you have the confidence that your loved one’s final wishes are respected.

Professional Probate Guidance

Probate can be emotionally demanding and an added burden on family members dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The Law Firm Group provides a comprehensive service, taking away the pressure of estate administration to give you our full support during this difficult period.

Our stress-free probate assistance is available to relatives responsible for managing an estate and executors of a Will, delivering practical advice and peace of mind.

Every family is different, but the core aim is to proceed smoothly through the probate system, ensure that the estate is distributed promptly, and respect the benefactor’s preferences.

Our Probate Services

With a highly accomplished legal team experienced in every area of probate law, our skilled professionals will consult with you to understand where our support is needed most.

That may be to understand whether probate is necessary or to explore the scope of estate administration assistance required.

The Law Firm Group offers:

    • Detailed tax analyses of the case to ensure any unused allowances are utilised and reduce unnecessary liabilities.
    • Specialist searches for assets that have been missed to protect the rights of all beneficiaries.
    • Representation on behalf of the estate executor or administrator to safeguard against exposure to personal obligations.
    • Guidance around insurances where applicable, such as where a vacant property requires financial protection.

Many probate cases can take around a year or considerably more to work through the complexities of estate administration, inheritance and other tax exposures and legal work.

Therefore, having professional legal probate support can provide several substantial benefits, not least in guarding against financial loss and expediting proceedings wherever possible.

Legal Advice for Successful Probate Outcomes

One of the significant challenges for families dealing with probate in England and Wales is that this area of UK law is not a reserved legal activity and is therefore vulnerable to unregulated providers.

We strongly advise every family or estate executor to seek professional, regulated and accredited advice from accomplished legal teams to ensure their rights are protected and obligations fully disclosed.

The Law Firm Group holds comprehensive licensing, regulatory oversight and accreditations, providing Probate clients with transparent, respectful guidance to steer them safely through the intricacies of probate law.

Prompt probate Proceedings With Bespoke Legal Assistance

There are many situations where probate can involve challenges and complications. Many probate clients require assistance with a range of services, such as:

    • Preparing inheritance tax returns.
    • Intestacy, where there is no Will to follow.
    • Managing assets outside of the UK.
    • Identifying the correct action to deal with business assets.
    • Setting up Will Trusts and implementing ongoing Trust administration.
    • Fulfilling entitlement to estate assets for minors.
    • Paying estate liabilities or creditors.
    • Resolving challenges against the formal validity of a Will.

Even where there are no complicating factors, ensuring that a loved one’s legacy is dealt with sensitively and according to their wishes requires a considerable amount of legal oversight.

Please get in touch with The Law Firm Group for further advice around any area of probate law or to arrange a good time to talk through your need for legal support.

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