Property & Conveyancing Disputes

Property Dispute Legal Support

Amid the inevitable tension of conveyancing, an efficient and personable lawyer can be the difference between completing with confidence and satisfaction and the whole thing becoming a nightmare. Our service is geared towards the former. We recognise how much people undertake conveyancing rely on their solicitor to provide expertise and reassurance and make sure we deliver a service that meets this need.

Professional Property & Conveyancing Dispute Advice

Property law can be complex and intricate, causing enormous stress during a property sale, purchase, investment or valuation.

It’s no secret that moving home can be one of the most intense periods of our lives, and The Law Firm Group is here to help.

Our skilled legal teams will ensure your transactions complete efficiently, dealing promptly with any disputes or potential conflicts before they escalate.

In many cases, conveyancing disputes arise from resolvable scenarios; so whether you feel that a contract contains an unfair clause, a condition of sale is irregular, or that a mistake has been made, please get in touch.

Our Property & Conveyancing Dispute Services

Time can be critical in a property transaction, and where disputes arise, swift resolutions are desirable to avoid lengthy delays, rising costs, and added strain.

The Law Firm Group provides exceptional legal knowledge across the breadth of property law, assisting clients with conflicts and disagreements relating to:

    • Sales and purchase of freehold and leasehold properties
    • Shared Ownership property purchases
    • New-build developments and homes
    • Remortgages, changes of borrower and investment property acquisitions
    • Land sales and purchases
    • Title issues and occupancy advice
    • Equity release and transfer of equity
    • Plot sales
    • Declaration of Trust matters
    • Auction sales, purchases and completion
    • Contested notices to complete

In any of these circumstances, all legal details must be considered and assessed appropriately before deciding on the best approach to resolve a dispute.

With tailored legal advice, you are in a secure position to make clear decisions and move forward with support from an outstanding team of conveyancing solicitors.

Specialist Legal Advice in Property & Conveyancing Disputes

Every property sale involves multiple parties, each with their own priorities, and so professional guidance can be vital in finding equitable solutions to the satisfaction of all involved.

The Law Firm Group is available to assist at any stage of conveyancing or when preparing a property for sale, including:

    • Pre-contract legal work
    • Negotiating sale terms
    • Drawing up the exchange of contracts documentation
    • Evaluating contracts of sale
    • Property valuation processes

Property disputes can often be resolved through settlement, entering into a constructive dialogue to establish the vital elements of each case, and reach fair agreements through negotiation.

In other cases, the situation may require litigation and a court-ordered outcome, in which case The Law Firm Group will represent your interests in the strongest possible terms to drive for a favourable outcome.

Prompt Property & Conveyancing Dispute Resolution

There are many reasons why a conveyancing dispute can arise. When individuals find themselves in conflict with a local authority or during a joint venture, robust legal representation is essential.

Our teams will ensure you have complete oversight of your rights, providing comprehensive legal guidance to help you make sound judgments about the best way to reach your desired result.

Whether you are currently dealing with a property dispute or wish to avoid potential delays when entering any property deal, please get in touch with The Law Firm Group to schedule a convenient time to talk.

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