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Commercial Reorganisation Legal Services

Business reorganisation can deliver a number of benefits, such as making sure the firm’s future is in good hands, maximising its value in preparation for sale or restructuring its tax liabilities. Our lawyers are experienced in helping businesses to reshape without losing the essence of what makes them successful. With our expertise and network of professional contacts, we can help you achieve your goals with the minimum of upheaval.

Professional Legal Support With Business Reorganisations

Restructuring a business can be crucial to ongoing success, but along with the potential to realign processes and streamline production, there is an inevitable element of upheaval.

The best way for a business to approach reorganisation with clear oversight is to consult an experienced commercial law team to prepare with confidence for any potential hurdles.

Working with clients of all sizes, The Law Firm Group offers a comprehensive service, supporting businesses with restructuring due to insolvency, strategic reorganisations or staff restructures, ensuring every decision is risk-averse and compliant with the relevant laws.

Our Commercial Reorganisation Services

There are countless reasons a company may need to plan for reorganisation:

    • Financial restructuring to raise capital through equity investment or refinance existing business liabilities.
    • Business sales, where part of the assets are to be sold, and the balance is retained and restructured.
    • Staff reorganisations often involving more flexible working models and the potential for employee redundancies.
    • Reorganisations to operate your business more tax efficiently.
    • Insolvency restructuring to combat concerns about business liquidity or to reassess operations following a downturn in trade.
    • Strategic reorganisations, perhaps creating separate company structures to mitigate risk, or ring-fencing business-critical assets.

The Law Firm Group assists in any of these scenarios and more, helping company owners make informed, reliable decisions to ensure their reorganisation strategy is beneficial long-term.

We appreciate that reorganisations are not without difficulty, and some of the decision-making can be tough.

Our skilled professionals combine commercial expertise with legal advice to help you judge the suitable options for your restructure.

Benefits of Independent Legal Advice for Corporation Reorganisations

The correct reorganisation approach for your business depends heavily on your aspirations for the company.

Therefore, legal assistance is vital to ensure that you achieve those aims, whether that is debt refinancing or restructuring, capital reductions, share buybacks, or another end goal.

Your most suitable reorganisation approach relies on the key concerns and desired outcomes. Our initial consultation focuses on whether your restructure is a necessity owing to a scenario such as financial distress or to harness opportunities to grow.

Legal advice will ensure you make sound decisions, with complete awareness of the risks and rewards available through each component of the reorganisation.

Confidential Commercial Reorganisation Assistance

Some of the details of a business reorganisation, such as staff redundancies, are the apparent factors where legal assistance is important to ensure full compliance with workplace law.

Others might be less obvious but have an equally profound impact on the likely success of the reorganisation project:

    • Goodwill and business brands can be extremely valuable and may need legal protection to remain under the company’s ownership.
    • Business contract continuity is often vital, so contractual terms or revisions made in advance of a reorganisation can safeguard against any disruption.
    • Company assets and liabilities are a crucial area and will impact the chosen reorganisation strategy.

Understanding these legal determinants and how to preserve the integrity of the business is an essential task before implementing a business reorganisation plan.

The Law Firm Group is available to consult and guide you through each step, from amending your articles of association to ensuring your reorganisation is perfectly positioned to achieve the outcomes you are working towards.

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