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Legal Advice for Start-Ups

Launching a new business can be as costly as it is exciting. By involving our expert lawyers early in the process, you will give yourself the best chance of keeping those costs under control. Our team of business lawyers is experienced in sifting through the fine details and helping you to avoid the common problems. Their personalised approach will fill you with the confidence to push the venture ahead to a successful launch.

Professional Legal Support With Starting a Business

The business solicitors at The Law Firm Group are on hand to provide comprehensive support with the multitude of legal implications when starting a new business.

Expert advice is key to long-term success, ensuring that you select the most appropriate business structure and trading terms to protect against future risks.

Our professional advisors aim to give you the best chance of establishing a profitable enterprise, avoiding future potential legal issues and safeguarding your business.

The Law Firm Group has years of expertise in every aspect of establishing a new venture, from tax planning to business modelling, taking a bespoke approach to creating a strategy that fits with your business aims.

Our Business Start-Up Legal Services

Running a company can be complex, but having a solid legal framework in place from day one is the best way to set yourself up for continuing growth.

Our accomplished teams support new business clients in every area of their trade, including:

    • Creating contractual terms for the supply of goods and services
    • Identifying potential product liability exposure, and the appropriate defences
    • Evaluating contracts with customers and suppliers
    • Taking debt recovery action or addressing breaches of contract
    • Advice on matters of employment law, employers liability and insuring your business premises
    • Franchising investments, including an analysis of existing or previous liabilities
    • Buying or leasing a new commercial property and addressing issues around planning permission or change of use applications

These factors are just a few of the many elements that require legal support, setting up your new business with protections in place against any negative scenarios that could arise.

The Importance of Legal Guidance Starting a Business

One of the most crucial areas where legal guidance matters is setting up a business with other investors or founders. There are many trading structures available, so legal support is vital to make informed choices.

The Law Firm Group delivers a full suite of business services, covering areas such as:

    • Drafting partnership agreements
    • Creating bespoke investment contracts
    • Generating investment via a share issue
    • Protecting intellectual property (IP) rights

Much depends on the nature of your new business, your sector, and the product or service you specialise in.

Still, having legal oversight of these areas is important to ensure you aren’t unduly exposed to risk in any enterprise.

Prompt Legal Assistance for New Business Start-Ups

Whether you are starting a business as a sole trader or buying a franchise with existing staff, employment law is likely to impact your company at some point.

An essential task for a new business owner is to draft comprehensive contracts and working policies to ensure that you are not vulnerable to employment-related legal challenges.

The Law Firm Group can also advise on risk mitigation strategies and long-term planning approaches, including business succession planning for family businesses.

Seeking independent legal guidance is strongly advisable, providing a clear view of all the potential factors that will prove essential to the success of your new venture.

Please get in touch with The Law Firm Group at any stage, whether you are deciding if incorporation is the best trading structure or need support evaluating the legal risk of an established enterprise.

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