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Succession Planning Solicitors and Legal Support

What happens to your business after you’ve retired can have as much of an impact on you as it does on the business. You need legal advice from an expert with the human touch, who understands just how personal this process can be. The Law Firm Groups’ business lawyers have the experience and personal and strategic skills to help you put an appropriate plan in place and carry it through when the time comes.

Professional Succession Planning Legal Advice

Business succession planning is crucial to your financial security and the ongoing prospects of the enterprise you have worked so hard to build.

The legal teams at The Law Firm Group are here to ensure you have complete control of your legacy, with comprehensive support across the spectrum of succession planning, probate and Wills.

Whether you are actively engaged in creating a succession planning approach or wish to look at Power of Attorney or creating a trust, legal support from our accomplished experts will ensure your interests are protected, now and for the long term.

Our Succession Planning Legal Services

A cohesive, careful plan is key to an effective ownership transition, even where succession planning seems a long way off.

This level of detail is vital in any scenario:

    • Selling the business as a going concern
    • Winding up the company and disposing of assets
    • Transferring ownership to a family member
    • Leaving the business in trust for your beneficiaries

Knowledgeable guidance is essential to ensure that such transitions occur smoothly and without unnecessary tax or risk exposure.

There are multiple factors to producing a solid succession strategy, including critical areas such as tax planning and profit protection.

The Law Firm Group will help you analyse all the competing options to ensure you can look forward to retirement, or a new business venture, with confidence.

Expert Succession Planning Legal Guidance

Business succession planning is the long-term adoption of a bespoke strategy, looking at how you wish your business to be managed in the years to come, not just in the immediate future.

It may be challenging to plan so far ahead, yet it can be imperative to determine your objectives and align your position within the business to make this achievable.

The first step in working with The Law Firm Group is to discuss those expectations and how you’d like to manage your sale or transfer of business ownership.

For example, you might wish to sell the business for the maximum value, in which case working on a business valuation growth model now may be the ideal strategy.

Likewise, if you plan to pass your business to the next generation, you may be focused on business longevity, risk aversion and financial stability to ensure the enterprise continues to be profitable long after you have retired.

There are many options available, and The Law Firm Group will explore the potential opportunities to help you reach your goals smoothly and comfortably.

Why Independent Legal Support is Vital to Business Succession Planning

Diligent succession planning is fundamental to recognising your wishes for the future of your business assets and putting a framework in place to match.

Proactive planning is required, developing a backup plan to ensure your business will prosper even if an unexpected circumstance occurs.

Complete risk analyses are critical at every stage, identifying potential cracks in your succession planning and designing bespoke approaches to protect your interests.

Please get in touch with The Law Firm Group for an independent analysis of your succession planning provisions or to start creating a robust plan for your company.

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