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Trust Solicitors and Trust Legal Support 

If you have remarried or entered into a civil partnership and have children from a previous relationship, we can set up a trust for you to ensure the financial security of your current spouse/civil partner after your death whilst protecting your children’s eventual inheritance. Our lawyers are experienced in setting up trusts to protect your assets for the future. We listen carefully to your circumstances to understand your wishes making sure they are provided for in the best possible way.

Protecting Your Assets With Bespoke Legal Trust Advice

Every individual wishes to protect the value of their estate for future financial security and the benefit of their family.

Trusts are a popular way to manage and safeguard your wealth, including capital assets, investments, property and land.

The Law Firm Group provides comprehensive legal support around every area of establishing and managing a trust.

With years of experience as legal trustees, we represent the interests of the trust settlor to ensure you have complete guidance in determining how your assets will be managed, the conditions associated with settling the assets and distributing them to your designated beneficiaries.

Our Trust Management Services

Our outstanding teams provide complete assistance, from setting up a new trust to revising your conditions.

Each stage in the process is designed to meet your aspirations, such as:

    • Protecting your assets to be safely passed to the next generation
    • Providing for education costs, and vulnerable family members
    • Supporting children, grandchildren and beneficiaries in the future
    • Managing inheritance tax exposure
    • Revising portfolio assets following divorce or separation

The unique nature of every individual and family dynamic means that professional legal guidance is imperative.

Working with The Law Firm Group enables you to work closely with a team of legal experts, crafting a bespoke plan tailored to your needs and requirements.

We support a broad range of clients with all aspects of trust law, delivering practical, actionable advice on tax efficiencies when creating, changing, managing or ending a trust.

Specialist Legal Support Setting Up and Managing a Trust

Creating a new trust comes with an extensive checklist of decisions to make before proceeding with your declaration of trust that identifies all the conditions and terms.

For example, legal support is necessary to determine:

    • Who will act as your trustees
    • How your assets will be managed
    • Who will be a trust beneficiary
    • Which assets will be put into the trust
    • How your benefits will be distributed

Our specialist legal trust advisers can guide you through each of these decisions and assist in selecting the most advantageous arrangements for you and your beneficiaries.

Comprehensive legal knowledge is essential, with assistance around managing your trust and the related areas of estate planning, tax law and Wills.

Prompt Trust Management Legal Support

While it may be tempting to draft your own declaration of trust, we strongly advise seeking independent legal support.

Trust law can be very complex, and you must carefully construct your documents to ensure your assets are protected as you intend.

An expertly written trust declaration will ensure you achieve the required outcomes and your assets are well protected now and in the future.

Trusts can contain a vast range of assets, from financial stocks, shares, capital, life insurance policies, family homes, heirlooms, and investment residences. Therefore, it is essential to have diligent oversight of your trust and ensure any decisions you make are firmly grounded in bespoke legal guidance.

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