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We act for employers to help resolve workplace issues quickly and amicably, so you can get back to focusing on your business. If you have an employment concern, we strongly advise you to contact us at the earliest opportunity, as this may enable us to settle the matter through mediation. Our expert lawyers can advise you on employment matters such as Contracts, NDAs, Redundancies, Discrimination and more.

Professional Workplace Law Advice for Employers

Workplace disputes and conflicts can cause significant stress for businesses, often incurring substantial time and costs to reach a beneficial outcome.

The Law Firm Group has years of experience consulting with businesses of all sizes to find equitable, prompt, and reasonable solutions that mitigate your exposure and permanently conclude a workplace law matter.

UK workplace laws can be complex, and there are many complex scenarios where there is no obvious solution to resolve a challenge around redundancies, misconduct or long-term absences.

Independent legal advice is the most effective way to meet these challenges head-on and make informed decisions about the best approach to secure a favourable outcome for your business.

Our Workplace Law Legal Advisory Services

Many employee disputes arise from scenarios where each case is emotive and tied into difficult circumstances.

Our role as your legal representative is to analyse the strength of your case, identify the available options, and help you make sound judgments about the right way to proceed.

Staffing problems can be multi-faceted and relate to a vast number of issues, such as:

    • Contractual disputes
    • Staff disciplinary proceedings
    • Managing employee absences
    • Employment tribunals

Each situation is unique and requires independent legal support to ensure you proceed with confidence that you are compliant with every aspect of UK workplace law.

The Law Firm Group has collective decades of expertise dealing with even the most complex tribunal cases. We will ensure you have access to the breadth of our knowledge to make critical business decisions.

Why Legal Guidance is Crucial to Workplace Law Disputes

All business owners wish to avoid conflict with employees. However, disputes related to workplace law can arise, often due to unforeseen events that impact the individual’s position within your company.

We can resolve many cases quickly and fairly without court proceedings. This option can be preferable to secure a faster resolution, and avoid additional pressure on the parties to participate in lengthy hearings.

The Law Firm Group provides full support with mediation strategies where appropriate to negotiate a fair outcome to allow all parties to move forward.

Where an employment tribunal is required, our accomplished teams are available to support your case, advise on the relevant parts of workplace law, and act as your representative to ensure you have the best chance of securing the outcome you wish for.

Prompt Workplace Law Legal Assistance

In many workplace disputes, time is crucial to reaching a conclusion and ensuring a minor conflict does not escalate into a more severe issue that could have been avoided.

For example, an employer must construct clear, compliant and comprehensive employment contracts, avoiding the potential for claims made where the business believes it has acted in good faith.

All advice provided by The Law Firm Group is guided by British law and the ACAS Code of Practice, helping you to avoid inadvertently breaching employment law and identifying the resolutions available where a conflict arises.

Please contact our team today, whether you wish to safeguard against possible employee claims or understand the legal implications of making tough decisions such as redundancies or staff dismissals.

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